STEM Academy

The Montour High School STEM Academy will provide students an exemplary education through a rigorous curriculum which integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The defined course framework will develop highly organized, logical, and technologically literate thinkers prepared for post-secondary education and successful careers in any STEM related field.


The Montour STEM Academy is an integrated course framework which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The academy will produce technologically literate graduates prepared for post-secondary education and future careers in any STEM field.

Target Audience:

High school students with an interest and aptitude in science and mathematics anticipating a career path in a STEM related field.

Expected Outcomes of the STEM Academy:

  • Technologically literate graduates
  • Career Exploration
  • Highly organized, logical thinkers
  • Preparation for post-secondary education
  • Preparation for all fields of employment


Course of Study:

Graduation requirements for all students are outlined in the Montour High School Courses of Study.  In addition to these requirements specific courses must be successfully completed by students enrolled in the STEM academy.  The course of study for each academic year is listed below, italicized, boldface type indicates requirements specific to enrollment in the STEM academy.  Note: As additional courses are offered and revised all course pathways are subject to change.  See MHS Courses of Study for all STEM Academy course pathways.