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The Montour High School Law Team allows students thinking about a career in the field of law or students that would like to improve their communication, research, and investigative skills to receive hands-on experience working with a mock trial case. 


Students receive hand-on practical experience working with actual attorneys to build the case and their critical thinking skills, Students are judged on their application of court room rules and objections and by their performance and credibility in roles of attorneys and witnesses by real attorneys and judges in the competition.  Students who do not serve in the role of an attorney or witness serve as understudies and help to build the case.   


The team begins its' work in late October and builds its case during afterschool practices and Saturday morning practices where they work with real attorneys.  The first rounds of the Mock Trial Competition are held during the last week of January and first weeks of February at the City-County building in actual courtrooms. 


This year’s case is deals with Civil and Environmental law and involves an environmental group that challenges an industry that has control of the economy of a small town in Pennsylvania.  The case centers on expansion of the factory and environmental impact that may be felt on the town and on an endangered species called the Bog Turtle.  Students must argue once for the Plaintiff and once for the Defense in the opening round of the competition. This case is an extension of the Science, Social Studies, and English curricula at the high school and allows for a the opportunity for students to enhance their learning, but also to apply their learning to real world situations.


The Montour High School Law Team sponsor is Mr. Michael Phillips.