Montour High School

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Montour Association of Marketing and Advertising

Business and marketing have become a vital aspect of the American Life. As the Montour Association of Marketing and Advertising (MAMA) we feel that it is, if not necessary, very beneficial for students at Montour High School to have experience in the business world.


Students in MAMA have to work with each other just as business leaders have to every day. Students will not only have to reach out to business owners for sponsors and financial assistance, but they will have to coordinate events, which will give them the proper skills needed to succeed in the business world.


The goals and objectives of MAMA are to familiarize students with the business world, enrich communication skills, learn effective advertising methods along with giving back to the community.  As a student organization, MAMA believes that allof these become crucial to students once they graduate from Montour High School.


The Montour Association of Marketing and Advertising sponsor is Mrs. April Fisher.